5 Sexy Ways To Use Lube

5 Sexy Ways To Use Lube

Lube is the lifesaver of sex. It does many wonders and miracles, pleasurable and healthy ones! It can rescue a drying condom, can ease uncomfortable friction, can make any parts of the body slippier, can cause sensual strokes, and many more. There are different types of lube you can find in the market. There are made from oil, water, and petroleum or silicon.

Oil lubes are basically the ones you can find in your kitchen. Coconut and olive oil are two examples and the most which work great when masturbating and massaging. Take note that oil lubes are not great with condoms because condoms are made from latex and can be penetrated by oils.

Water-based lube is generally made from water making it soothing, great for sensitive skin and can be use to any type of sex toys but dries up so fast. It is soluble, therefore can be cleaned easily and can be washed off easily so it is not recommendable to be used when having sex in the shower.

Petroleum or silicon-based is great to use in long sex because it cannot be easily absorbed into the skin because of its large molecules. It is hypoallergenic and feels really velvety. However, it does not go well with silicon sex toys because it can damage its structure making them gross and sticky.

Having said these, lubes are really functional on the bed. Here are five sexy ways on how you can use lubes when having sex:

  1. Use it during blow jobs.

This may sound gross and unusual but remember you often use spit in lubricating your guy. Replacing spit with lube can actually provide your guy with more wetness. It will also help you glide effortlessly because you don’t need to spit often. If you are having second thought about this, there are flavoured lubes in the market you can purchase, so just think you’re eating your favorite food white blow jobbing your guy.

  1. Use it for sexy massage.

As mentioned above, oil lubes are great to use for sexy massages and masturbation. Grab your coconut oil, or any oil you have in your kitchen, and massage the sensual parts of your partner. Back massage is not only relaxing but also arousing. Start touching your partner around her butt area working up to the shoulder and then going side to the arms. Breast and behind legs massage is also great. Strokes should be sensual and electrifying. You can also sit on your partner’s butt cheeks for an intense feeling.

  1. Spread some flavoured lube on clitoris.

If the women can use flavoured lube in doing blow job, men can also put flavoured lube, or any lube, on the women’s clitoris and lick it off. This will create an instant burst of libido. Every woman will surely drool over this.

  1. Spread some lube on your breast.

Make sure you are wearing your best push-up bra when doing this. Spread some lube on your cleavage and guide your man’s penis in and out of it. You do not have any idea on how good this will feels to your man.

  1. Use lube when you want 69.

If you are craving for a 69, you can make it even hotter by applying few drops of flavoured lubes on each other. This will give you and your partner the best 69 ever!

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