7 Ultimate Signs You’re Dating The Wrong Guy

7 Ultimate Signs You’re Dating The Wrong Guy

How do I know if he’s the right guy? This is a common question a lot of women ask if they are not so sure that the man they are dating is sincere with their feelings and intention. Well, there are certain things which will indicate and will let you know that he’s simply not the right one.

Indeed, there’s a big difference between dating a man and dating a boy. It’s important to distinguish the differences between the two because we are getting with people who we want to give our all to, and envision this beautiful forever with them when they just aren’t capable of sustaining that kind of love.

Here are the ten ultimate signs that you could be dating the wrong guy;

  1. He’s too controlling.

So, you’re with a guy and you start to see that he’s dictating what you wear, what you do or who you hang out with. If he goes through your phone, emails or anything personal, that’s probably a sign that you’re with the wrong guy.

  1. You don’t feel good about yourself when you’re around him.

If you are around this person, you should be lighting up. But if you feel that when you’re around him, you feel suppressed and your energy is down most of the time, this could be an absolutely sure sign that you’re probably dating the wrong guy.

  1. He’s not attentive.

We’re not always giving the other person 100% of our attention, but when you’re dating someone, there should be a presence about the both of you. If the majority of the time that you’re around him isn’t showing you some kind of presence or even just a little bit of attention, then that could be a sign.

  1. He’s not nice to service staff.

When dating, we all like to put up that “perfect front” especially when you’re starting to get to know somebody. You could kind of see a sure sign that this person could treat you disrespectfully if you see him treating other person disrespectfully around you. This attitude could be a sure sign that this will happen to you in the future.

  1. He lacks passion.

Why would you date a guy who isn’t equally enthusiastic about life as well? We all don’t know where we’re going, what we want in our futures and we don’t really have to and the guy that you’re dating doesn’t have to as well. But he should share some enthusiasm for life and some kind of ambition. If he doesn’t share this with you, you could probably be dating the wrong guy.

  1. He never wants to meet your friends or never wants to take you around his friends.

If you’re dating for a little bit, maybe several weeks or a couple of months and you still haven’t met his friends and/or he finds every excuse not to meet your friends, this is probably a sure sign that he isn’t that into you.

  1. He never has time for you.

For instance, if you’re in dating, you’ve got to find some kind of time and if not, then you’re probably not dating this guy. But, if you are starting dating and then eventually he starts never finding the time for you, then you already know what it means.

If you find that you’re dating a man and everything that he has ever said to you has been at the exact opposite, he’s probably not the right guy to date. Don’t worry, the right one is just around the corner. At least you know what to look for next time.

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