8 Ways To Be More Adventurous In The Bedroom

8 Ways To Be More Adventurous In The Bedroom

Have you seen the Fifty Shades of Grey movie and wish you can also have that playroom of Mr. Grey? Everything in that playroom gives chill just thinking of the new sex adventures that can happen once that bedroom is closed. You’re not a sex maniac, it is just that sometimes you want a little flirtation to spice up your sex life.

You can, or cannot, have the same playroom as Mr. Grey’s, but you can always be adventurous in the bedroom. When you think that having sex with your husband is starting to feel like a routine already, and you want to experience the Mr. Grey’s way, here are some ways how you can be adventurous:

  1. Play a Sex Game.

There are plenty of sex games you can find over the internet that you can copy, or if you are creative, you can make your own one. You can play card games in which the loser will take off a piece of his or her clothing each round, until naked. You can also play a question and answer game in which a correctly answered question comes with a sexy prize from the one who asked.

  1. Turn the Lights Low or Use Candles.

Feeling romantic? Turn the lights low, or better yet, use candles in replacement of a dim light. Surprise your partner with a candle lit bedroom, arousing music in the background, and some relaxing scent like lavender. If this is something you’ve never done before, this will surely surprise your partner and will definitely set the mood for some romantic night.

  1. Bring out the wine and the grapefruit.

William Shakespeare said that wine provokes the desire but takes away the performance. On point, but a little wine on your throat will fuel the desire. The grapefruit, on the other hand, can be a great substitute when your mouth is tired of giving a blow job. Many men swear by this technique because the texture of the pulp is vagina-like and its grip on the penis is more natural than a hand job.

  1. Stand strip naked in front of your partner while on phone asking your friend to come over your house.

This will give some urgency to your partner. The clock is ticking and any minute your friend will come over your house. Your strip naked body should not be put into waste. The result? Fast, thrilling, exciting and craving sex – something that will spice up your regular sex session.

  1. Bring out the sex toys.

Sex toys are designed to help increase the sexual desire. Though this is already given, there are still couples who are not using sex toys because they are already satisfied with their sex routine. But sex toys could really bring your sexual desire to the next level. Instead of the usual foreplays, let the sex toys do the job for you.

  1. Sex in the bathtub or in the shower.

Getting clean before sex is a must, but getting sex while cleaning your body is the bomb. Water gives relaxing sensation and is a natural lubricant, so you won’t get hard time gliding on each other’s body.

  1. Handcuff your man.

Instead of the usual woman-is-handcuffed-on-the-bed, turn around the table and handcuffed your man. This time, the woman is the boss until the man gives in and cannot take it any longer.

  1. Watch porn together.

Although this is not an adventure to some, it could still be for those who haven’t tried it. Ask your partner first if they’re open about it, otherwise, respect. In case they’re opened to it, agree on what genre you are going to watch so both of you will enjoy.

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